Monday, 5 May 2014

Summer to do list...

Summer is coming my dearest and lovely teenagers- and if your like us your always looking for things to do, these are some of my and Fens favourite things to do- and things we're looking forward to doing!!

1. Find a good festival.
- If its your first time go to one more low key like Nozstock, Latitude, sheep music, or Shambala (me and Fens personal arty favourite)
- If its not your first time and your over 16 and looking for a wild time, why not try somewhere like Bestival, Leads, or Reading. These are especially good if your a big music fan.

2. Go camping with friends.
-This is always a great idea, even if its a total and utter miserable disaster, you'll always come out with good memories. As i recall last time i came out with bright orange hair, a sprained ankle, a cold, and covered in mud- but i walked away with so many funny and sweet memories, my first real kiss with my boyfirend, long walks, a beautiful sunset, a starry night, and so much more....

3. Go to the beach- and if your a bit of a wildchild try skinnydipping
- this is a great way to spend summer days and nights, and its even better when your with your close friends.
- If your in a good area why not try hiring a canoe or kiack  and go off on your own adventure
-If your with parents sneak out while they're not looking and go skinny dipping
(In England its a bit nippy and slightly dangerous as you dont know what the tide is doing, but in places such as France, its a great opportunity to take advantage of the heat and mellow sea)

4. Go stargazing- find the dates of a meteor shower.
- Summer nights always seem to present a flawless sky, and to add to it meteor showers are way more common then you think.
-Find somewhere high up and away from light pollution, if you have a telescope, EVEN BETTER

5. Hold your own party
-It doesn't have to be big, it could just be close friends, it doesn't even have to be at your house, you could take it to a field or down by the river (me and Fens personal favourite)

6,7,8,9,10.... We got you this far and gave you some ideas, you do the rest. Think about what you love doing and think about how and when you can do it. As teenagers its our jobs to be reckless and create scandals, it practically expected of us. So go out and live your life a little, I sure know we will....

If you have any really great ideas feel free to comment and we'll add to the list before summer.
Have a good en'

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