Sunday, 2 March 2014

A little about life, and the people that occupy it...

Ok, so heres the thing, deep down, deep deep deep down.... everyone is a little bit of a dickhead. Even you.
The problem is finding those who are less of a dickhead then you, these people are a select few known as your friends. The "Best friend" is the one on the same level of dickheadness as yourself- keep this one close as they're the only person who will know you as well as yourself.

Don't put up with those who's dickhedness are off the scale, these people aren't worth bothering with and will usually put you down. The only problem is that you'll never actually escape this problem, they're everywhere. We like to refer to them as "air wasters" or "space wasters"

Sometimes you have to suck up to these people a little bit (get on their good side) this'll avoid future arguments and sometimes has it's privileges.

Or you could be completely be yourself and have a mini personal protest  (unfortunately me and Fen chose this route) WE LOVE IT

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